Welcome to Drum Coffee

Born to Fitz and The Tantrums Drummer John Wicks and his wife Jenna-this Italian inspired, Missoula-esque espresso bar is a much needed addition to Missoula's coffee and food scene. It's an immaculate yet cozy neighborhood coffee shop and bakery with a star-driven backstory. On opening day, March 1st, 2016 ABC Fox Montana was on-site to film a segment. The daily newspaper splashed Wicks and his staff across its front page.

While Wicks is grateful for the attention, his fame shouldn't overshadow Drum's focus on what's ultimately most important: its drinks, food, service and atmosphere. "It takes a little bit from all of the best coffee shops I've visited or worked in and brings it all into one place," says Wicks, who spent years as a barista in Seattle before his music career took off. "This is the cafe I always wanted to hang out in."

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Photos of Drum Coffee


Wicks ensures that Drum Coffee supports the local community by donating a percentage of its sales to renowned charities voted on by its customers. "We choose three local non-profit organizations quarterly," says Wicks "Each time a customer makes a purchase, he or she may vote for one of the three non-profits we are supporting at that time. We then allocate two percent of sales based on the number of votes each organization receives during the three-month donation period."